Friday, 31 May 2013


Hungerford Arcade is a very special place as our customers will tell you.  In particular, Wednesday was a special day at the Arcade, in fact, you could say it was a magical day! 

Magic happened before our very eyes as watching spellbound, playing cards appeared then vanished in a flash.  Stallholder Frances Jones, sat at a table studying the cards when, lo and behold, whoosh....she disappeared... wow!!  Who could be doing this?  Is someone playing tricks on us?  Suddenly, and without warning, two customers appeared at the desk - as did Frances!  They were husband and wife, magicians, Jean Purdy and Bob Sacco.  It was wonderful meeting them and having our own private show.  We can't wait for them to come back in August!

Jean and Bob are members of the prestigious society of magicians known the whole world over as The Magic Circle.  This society resides at The Centre for the Magic Arts in London and celebrates 100 years of membership of the top magicians who have been accepted as the best.  Jean is one of the country's leading lady magicians and one of the few ladies accepted into The Magic Circle.  She is also the Guinness Book of Records champion fire eater, and it is said her demonstrations are spectacular!

Jean has been in show business for over 50 years.  She has worked in the circus, television and theatre.  Also a member of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians, Jean, is a skilled puppeteer and uses her talent to spread the Gospel and gain the attention of young people, getting them into church.  The puppets, 'The Revd Neil Down' has a very distinctive northern accent (he is Jean's favourite) and 'young Brittney',from junior church is beautifully dressed.  Bob reads Jean's scripts/sermons and then records them to be used during the service.

Olde Tyme Variety Show
Jean and Bob have been touring with their OLDE TYME VARIETY SHOW which includes 'the beautifully dressed' Marie Lloyd themed sing along, magic through the ages and Bob's brilliant impressions of the great Max Miller, Sandy Powell act and many other old favourites.

Bob is also a magician, actor and Punch and Judy Professor.  He supports Jean fully with her performances.

"Watches may stop! Objects may move! Spoons may bend! Blood may spill! MAY WE SAW YOU IN HALF?"
Jean and Bob have a website at:

Jean, Adrian and Bob

Jean with the Revd Neil Down and young Britteny

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