Friday, 16 October 2015

Hungerford Arcade Readng Digital Business Club

Hungerford Arcade co-owner, Adrian Gilmour, received an invitation from his bank manager, Phil Hobbs, to attend the Reading Digital Business Club: Innovation, organised by Barclays Bank for their business clients.  Adrian accepted and took his managers, Alex Rogers and myself, (Rita) to the event.

We finished work at the Arcade, locked up and went on our way to Reading in Adrian’s car. We had to be there by 6.00 pm.  It was raining as we headed along the M4 towards Reading making very good time.  We were about two miles from our exit when suddenly, traffic began to slow down before gradually coming to a halt. We sat there and sat there in the dark, looking at our watches.  At 6.45 we really began to worry, because if we didn’t move by 7.00 at the latest, we might as well turn around and head back to Hungerford.  Then, at 6.55 the traffic started moving, getting faster and faster.  We were soon at our turn-off just outside Reading. 

        Barclays Bank Manager, Phil Hobbs, Rita Kibble,
                    Leslie Commodore, Alex Rogers

With great relief, we arrived at Barclays Bank, where we were greeted with a very warm welcome.  We had some food and a drink as we were brought up to speed as to what had gone on before. Barclays Digital Eagle, Leslie Commodore presented IT and he was excellent.  We took away a lot of useful information which will surely be helpful to the Arcade business. It was a great evening and we were all very pleased we made it.  Sadly, Adrian is not in the photograph as he was the photographer!


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