Thursday, 24 September 2015

Hungerford Arcade Waterways Chaplain

A lovely lady called into the Arcade, Waterways Chaplain, Sue Stapleton.  It was always Sue’s dream to live on a boat and when she and her husband Bob sold their home in November 2013, they couldn’t find a suitable house and out of the blue, the opportunity to buy a boat came along –  Sue’s dream came true.  Sue and Bob have 4 children, one of whom is still at university and two grandchildren.

DSCN0700Sue and husband, Bob love every minute of their life on a boat and have never looked back. Life on the canal is amazing and the wide range of people who chose this life is wonderful.   Sue is part of a Chaplain work group called Work Place Matters who deal solely with people living on the waterways.  Sue covers the canal between Devizes and Newbury and is always on hand, together with her husband Bob, to help people in any way they can.  I, like many people, think of life on the canals as a dream.  Obviously it is for most, but for others, it can be quite hard.  As you do not have a registered address living on a boat, life can be difficult for some people, especially those who suffer anxiety and depression.  For example, for those who need to sign on and receive job seekers and anyone who has to fill out forms, register with a doctor, dentist or dependent on a food bank, you can feel quite insecure and lonely.  This is where Sue and her husband, Bob make all the difference by talking, filling in forms and much, much more and do turn hopelessness into positive thinking as many people already know.  

Sue was in the Arcade this morning  purchasing items that she will keep on her boat for anyone who needs something at any time.  From china to all bits and pieces Things we all take for granted does not, for various reasons, come naturally to some of those living on a boat.  These are the people whom Sue and Bob help.  Sue is a bright, bubbly lady and I am sure that she brings happiness to all people whether they need help or not.

You can find out more about the Waterways Chaplains by clicking onto this link

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