Monday, 10 August 2015

Hungerford Arcade stallholder, Don Greenslade, came across this beautiful Lyre/Zitter on his travels and just had to buy it.  This one is German, made by Meinel's.  Here is a short history of the instrument.

DSCN0637Lyre from various times and places are regarded by some organologists  as a branch of the zither family, a general category that includes not only zithers, but many different stringed instruments, such as lutes guitars, kantele and psalteries.

Others view the lyre and zither as being two separate classes. Those specialists maintain that the zither is distinguished by strings spread across all or most of its soundboard, or the top surface of its DSCN0642sound chest, also called soundbox or resonator, as opposed to the lyre, whose strings emanate from a more or less common point off the soundboard, such as a tailpiece. Examples of that difference include a piano (a keyed zither) and a violin (referred to by some as a species of finger board lyre). Some specialists even argue that instruments such as the violin and guitar belong to a class apart from the lyre because they have DSCN0639no yokes or uprights surmounting their resonators as "true" lyres have. This group they usually refer to as the lute class, after the instrument of that name, and include within it the guitar, the violin, the banjo, and similar stringed instruments with fingerboards. Those who differ with that opinion counter by calling the lute, violin, guitar, banjo, and other such instruments "independent fingerboard lyres," as opposed to simply "fingerboard lyres" such as the Welsh crwth, which have both fingerboards and frameworks above their resonators.

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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Hungerford Arcade BBC Bargain Hunt

The one any only Tim Wannacott

The BBC arrived at

The very cheeky but lovely Mark Stacey

Hungerford Arcade to film two episodes of Bargain Hunt.  The programme, hosted by Tim Wannacott had the Blue Team advised by Hungerford Arcade’s dear friend, antiques expert, Mark Stacey, while the red team’s expert was the lovely Natasha Raskin.  Unfortunately, we are not allowed to tell you what they bought, but we can tell you that we all had a great time and everyone enjoyed themselves.  Natasha said that although it was an extremely hot day, the day before (Monday) they were filming at the Newbury Antiques Fair and the heat was almost unbearable so they were very grateful for the cool atmosphere of the Arcade.

Arcade manager, Alex getting the best price for the Blue Team

Lovely Natasha Raskin with Arcade co-owner and Rita


Monday, 3 August 2015

Michael made Pauline's day (probably year)

Wow! what a ‘hair day’ we had at the Arcade when famous hairdresser from the BBC’s One Show, Michael Douglas arrived to do some shopping.  A member of our staff, Pauline Hawkings couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw him and got very excited. You will see how happy she is on the photos.  Michael’s quest in life is to bring joy to the lives of the unsuspecting public with surprise haircuts!  It really was great to see him.

Michael is at Edinburgh Airport tomorrow (4th August) filming for the One Show. Go along and see him.  Who knows, you may even get a haircut from this very talented hairdresser!  I wonder if Pauline will be there.

Thank you Michael for making Pauline’s day.

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