Thursday, 7 May 2015

Hungerford Arcade Mexico

L-R: Angel Zamora, Rita, Indira Castillo &
Hungerford Arcade gives a very warm welcome to all our visitors both home and abroad.  When people come to visit us who live across the other side of the world, in Europe or over the pond either because someone back home has told them that they must visit the Arcade, or they receive our Newsletter, go onto our website and read our blogs, something -draws them.  Once they are here, the excitement sets in and many come back again and again.

We had a lovely couple visit us from Mexico, Angel Zamora and Indira Castillo. Angel is a motion graphics specialist and Indira is a graphics stills specialist. Angel has been to the Arcade before and he told Indira that this will be a must visit when they arrive. Indira was thrilled and mesmerised by the Arcade and understood why Angel wanted her to come. She loved it.  They took many things back home with them and will always remember their visit. 

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