Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Hungerford Arcade An Interesting Trip to Kent

We at Hungerford Arcade, always look forward to Stuart Miller-Osborne's return from his travels with his lovely wife, Caron, as he writes wonderful stories while he is away. Here we have, as is usual, a great story written by Stuart while he was away visiting his daughter in Kent.  Time for tea and biscuits, I think.

My daughter lives in Kent and whilst visiting her, I have taken the opportunity to explore some of the county, especially on the Isle of Thanet. 

It was whilst I was planning a walk along the coast that I found myself in Birchington, which is roughly halfway between Margate and Canterbury.

Birchington is an agreeable coastal town which is a good starting point if you want to walk or cycle to the Reculver Towers, which are a few miles distant. 

As I made my way to the coastal path, I noticed that one of the roads was called Rossetti Road.

I knew that the artist and poet had retired to this part of Kent when he became seriously ill, but I did not know where he had died.

Enquiries revealed that the great man was indeed buried in the town and I found the grave with a degree of ease.

To find it, walk up the high street away from the railway station and keep to your right where you will find a church at the top of the street. 

If you follow the main path through the graveyard, you will come across a stone Celtic cross and this is where Rossetti rests in full view of the lovely church and the road to Canterbury.

It seems an odd place to find the last resting place of such a well-known figure and as far as I can see, he had no real connection with this part of Kent, apart from being there in his final days. 

If you are ever in Birchington and have a few moments to spare, then visit Rossetti and may be leave a small bunch of flowers to thank him for the works he left to us when he died over a hundred and thirty years ago in this small Kent town. 

Stuart Miller-Osborne
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