Saturday, 7 March 2015

Hungerford Arcade: A Busman's Holiday

Love it or hate it, Facebook is undeniably a very useful resource.  Without Facebook, I would never have found Lynash Antiques, tucked away in the small harbour town of Banff on the northerly coast of Aberdeenshire in Scotland.

Alison's lovely old "Baker's Bike"
Sitting in a little cafe, having a cup of coffee, I thought I would check for a local shop or two to while away a couple of hours in.  So a quick search on my phone and the first and only result was the Facebook page of Lynash Antiques, just a few minutes walk away.    

Quality control!
The actual shop is a room upstairs, above the office (from what I could tell) of a tyre merchant and wasn't easy to spot.  But once I had found it, it wasn't difficult to find interesting things to look at.  The owner, Alison, was so friendly and welcoming, we actually lost track of time chatting.


Inside Alison's shop
Like me, Alison is a big fan of anything a bit different - from cast iron foundry made signs, to delicate jewellery and everything in between, she has managed to fit such an eclectic mix of hundreds of items into a relatively small space.  It would be easy to cast an eye around and decide that you've seen it all, but if you just look a little closer, maybe do a bit of rummaging, you'll come across something you've never seen before.

 A scenic view of Banff.
"Banffscotland" by Anne Burgess.

Alison, I would like to thank you for your time and for showing me around your shop.  Come to Hungerford Arcade any time you like and I will return the favour!  


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