Thursday, 19 March 2015

Hungerford Arcade: A Rhino Collecting Rhinos

Today we met Danny Pratt who plays for Reading Rhinos RFC.  Danny's team is the over 35s but he tells me that most of them are actually over 50.  
A lifelong devotee of the rugby club, Danny was in the Arcade adding to his ever growing collection of more than one hundred rhinos!  He told me he also has a Reading Rhinos tattoo, but it was the middle of the day so I didn't ask him to take his trousers off to show me!

Danny with his purchase
The rhinos he managed to find today included a large china one, a medium sized silver one and a few little lead ones.  He was very happy with his purchase and will be back for more when his wife has recovered from the thought of his collection taking up even more space in the house.
The Rhinos over 35s play as far west as Hungerford and as far east as High Wickham, so if you fancy watching a good game of rugby, look them up for their next match near you.

A silver rhino similar to the one Danny bought


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