Friday, 27 March 2015

Hungerford Arcade: Easter Opening Hours

From Everybody at The Arcade, we wish our customers, friends and everyone else, a very Happy Easter. 

Please be aware that are usual hours are slightly different over the Easter weekend.

Hungerford Arcade 
Easter Opening Hours

Good Friday: Open as usual
Easter Saturday: Open as usual
Easter Sunday: CLOSED
Easter Monday: Open as usual

Monday, 23 March 2015

Hungerford Arcade Leap Year Baby

   Leap Year Baby &
     Blue Peter Star

Nothing passes Hungerford Arcade by, not even Leap Year. We had a lovely couple who came to shop at the Arcade, Raymond and Suzanne.  Suzanne is a Leap Year baby, born 29th February 1956.  Coincidentally, their daughter, Lisa, is also a Leap Year baby again, born on a Wednesday, 29th February 1984.  Suzanne must have been 7 when Lisa was born. How lovely to grow old every four years instead of every one. 

Husband Raymond, is a BBC Blue Peter star and appeared on the programme four times and obviously earned his famous Blue Peter Badge.

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Hungerford Arcade Successful Jewellery Valuation Day

The Valuation Days at Hungerford Arcade are always very popular.  The Jewellery Valuation Day went exceptionally well with our two experts, Adrian Jefferies and Frances Jones at the helm.  There were many happy faces leaving the Arcade on that day. 

Adrian and Frances will be back later in the year for more jewellery valuations so watch this space.

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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Hungerford Arcade: A Rhino Collecting Rhinos

Today we met Danny Pratt who plays for Reading Rhinos RFC.  Danny's team is the over 35s but he tells me that most of them are actually over 50.  
A lifelong devotee of the rugby club, Danny was in the Arcade adding to his ever growing collection of more than one hundred rhinos!  He told me he also has a Reading Rhinos tattoo, but it was the middle of the day so I didn't ask him to take his trousers off to show me!

Danny with his purchase
The rhinos he managed to find today included a large china one, a medium sized silver one and a few little lead ones.  He was very happy with his purchase and will be back for more when his wife has recovered from the thought of his collection taking up even more space in the house.
The Rhinos over 35s play as far west as Hungerford and as far east as High Wickham, so if you fancy watching a good game of rugby, look them up for their next match near you.

A silver rhino similar to the one Danny bought


Monday, 9 March 2015

Hungerford Arcade Fly A Flag For The Commonwealth

What a wonderful atmosphere there was at Hungerford Arcade today and indeed the Town itself because today was Fly A Flag For The Commonwealth Day which will be celebrated by all 53 Commonwealth Nations around the world.  The Commonwealth of Nations was founded on 11th December 1931 and is one of the oldest political association of states in the world; its roots dating back to the days of the British Empire.

Julian Tubb, Bellman & Town Crier
Town Constable, Susan Hofgartner
Hungerford Mayor, Dennis Benneyworth
Elizabeth Fairthful-Davies, Commanding Officer
6th Battalion R.E.M.E
Children from Hungerford Primary School
Everyone gathered outside the Town Hall. Julian Tubb, Bellman and Town Crier brought everyone to order for speeches from the Mayor of Hungerford, Dennis Benneyworth who also read out a message from Her Majesty the Queen. The Deputy Mayor, Roger Thompson, read a message from the Commonwealth 
Secretary General.  Also in attendance, wearing her chain of office, was the Constable of Hungerford, Susan Hofgartner. Claire Barnes, the Town Clerk who organised this important event said they are very proud to have present, Elizabeth Faithful-Davies, Commanding Officer of 6th Battalion R.E.M.E.

Sandie Crouter and Sam Newton, Cornet players in the Hungerford Town Band, played as the Commonwealth Flag was raised. The boys and girls of Hungerford Primary School joined in to sing the National Anthem. After the ceremony, everyone was invited into the Town Hall for a buffet and refreshments which, I must say, went down well with the children.

Hungerford Mayor and Stallholder at Hungerford Arcade,
Dennis Benneyworth
with Arcade co-owner, Adrian Gilmour

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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Hungerford Arcade: A Busman's Holiday

Love it or hate it, Facebook is undeniably a very useful resource.  Without Facebook, I would never have found Lynash Antiques, tucked away in the small harbour town of Banff on the northerly coast of Aberdeenshire in Scotland.

Alison's lovely old "Baker's Bike"
Sitting in a little cafe, having a cup of coffee, I thought I would check for a local shop or two to while away a couple of hours in.  So a quick search on my phone and the first and only result was the Facebook page of Lynash Antiques, just a few minutes walk away.    

Quality control!
The actual shop is a room upstairs, above the office (from what I could tell) of a tyre merchant and wasn't easy to spot.  But once I had found it, it wasn't difficult to find interesting things to look at.  The owner, Alison, was so friendly and welcoming, we actually lost track of time chatting.


Inside Alison's shop
Like me, Alison is a big fan of anything a bit different - from cast iron foundry made signs, to delicate jewellery and everything in between, she has managed to fit such an eclectic mix of hundreds of items into a relatively small space.  It would be easy to cast an eye around and decide that you've seen it all, but if you just look a little closer, maybe do a bit of rummaging, you'll come across something you've never seen before.

 A scenic view of Banff.
"Banffscotland" by Anne Burgess.

Alison, I would like to thank you for your time and for showing me around your shop.  Come to Hungerford Arcade any time you like and I will return the favour!  


Monday, 2 March 2015

Hungerford Arcade: A Pirate Ship For Hannah

The ship in all it's glory!
When seven-year-old Hannah Edwards came into the Arcade with Dad, Scott and family friend Martyn to browse and look for something to get for Martyn’s girlfriend, she had no idea she would be leaving with a fantastic new model ship! 

 She was minding her own business, rummaging through one of the most popular features of the Arcade, Don Greenslade’s infamous Pirate Treasure Box, when Arcade owner, Adrian, stopped for a chat. Adrian asked Hannah if she liked pirates and pirate ships and whether she would like one of her own. 

Hannah and Adrian
 Well, of course she wanted one and it just so happened that Don Greenslade, the owner of the Pirate Treasure Box, had one he was willing to give away!
Hannah couldn’t hide her excitement with her present and couldn’t wait to get it home and put it up on display in her room.

Thanks to Hannah for brightening up our day and thanks also to her Dad, Scott for being such a good sport. Martyn, I hope your girlfriend loved her presents!

Martyn, Hannah and Scott