Friday, 20 February 2015

Hungerford Arcade Defence Academy of the United Kingdom Visit

Colonel Wilde
What a wonderful day we had at Hungerford Arcade today. The door opened and in strode what looked like a British Army Regiment.  In fact, Colonel Wilde told me, the men and women were from a wide range of regiments.  Medics, Logistics,  

Royal Artillery, Infantry, Cavalry, Engineers and more. They had eight weeks left of a nine month high quality education course to post-graduate level and conduct research in fields related to defence.  All this happens at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom.  I managed to photograph them (with Colonel Wilde's permission, of course) while they were having a break in the Arcade upstairs in Rafters Cafe`.  The smell of bacon sandwiches and fresh coffee was wonderful.

I must introduce you to an amazing Border Collie named Cody and his owner, Major Charlotte Hayes.  He goes everywhere with Charlotte and you can see they are part of one another. Cody looks every inch a Military Collie!

It was great meeting you all and look forward to your return.

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