Monday, 9 February 2015

Hungerford Arcade Deb's Candle Cups

We are very fortunate here at Hungerford Arcade because our customers love to talk to us and tell us why they are buying certain items and what they intend doing with them.  Today a lovely lady, Debbie Turner came into the Arcade and was buying all types of china.  There were cups and saucers, vases, small pots, an assortment of all shapes and sizes. Debbie said she buys this type of china to put candles in so that she can sell them for a charity close to her heart, the Camberley Cats Protection 
Rita and Debbie
League.  Debbie is a very busy lady working at the Gordon House Veterinary practice in Blackwater, Camberley as the Feline Behaviour Advisor for Blackwater Valley Vets.  With such a busy work load, she has still found the time to come all the way to Hungerford to fulfill her mission, once again at the Arcade.  It was lovely to meet you Debbie and good luck with your wonderful candles helping the beautiful cats.

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