Saturday, 13 December 2014

Hungerford Arcade: Victorian Extravaganza

The Victorian Extravaganza had been building up all day.  The funfair arrived with the Big Wheel, Helter-Skelter, cup and saucer roundabout, candy floss, shoot the target and lots more all right outside Hungerford Arcade.  There was the most beautiful steam engine powering the lights and rides and an amazing old fairground organ.  There was plenty to eat with hotdog and burger stands, roasted chestnuts and a red hot atmosphere.  The Arcade was packed with people - we were still open at 9.30 pm and thoroughly enjoyed it. 

By 5 o'clock the High Street was packed with people, many dressed as Victorians and looked fabulous. The children were all excited waiting for the arrival of Father Christmas!  In the meantime, they enjoyed the fairground rides and amusements and of course, candy floss.  A jolly stilt walker 'The Professor', dressed in his very smart, colourful clothes, stopped to have a laugh and a chat with everyone.  He was so tall, it made your neck ache looking up at him.

At 7 o'clock a firework lit up the sky signally the start of the procession which started off from the bottom of the High Street, headed by Scottish bagpipes, stilt walkers and then the man himself, Father Christmas.  The children screamed and called out to him as he was drove passed waving and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.  The possession carried on with people dressed up as reindeer, there was a beautiful multi-coloured bus from Thailand and the excitement was there for all to see and here.

Pirate with Arcade co-owner Adrian Gilmour
Arcade Manager, Alex Rogers -
a very handsome Victorian Gentleman

The stilted Professor
Our stunning Arcade window designed and decorated by
our very own Ann Parker (Unit 42P)

Our Judy of Rafters Cafe outside cooking up
fabulous hotdogs

Beautiful Connie with her lovely sister Lili
and partner Grant
I had to be in this picture with these
fabulous Victorians

Very dapper, Jak Blackwood

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