Thursday, 27 November 2014

Hungerford Arcade: Treasure Detective Needs Your Help for West African Ebola Crisis

TV's Treasure Detectives, Curtis Dowling and Andy Smith from CNBC Primes, are preparing to put their lives at risk by travelling to West Africa with a TV crew to raise awareness of the seriousness of Ebola in the region.  They will be holding talks with the Government of Ghana and major health stakeholders on how to liaise with them in terms of managing Ghana and West Africa's response to the Ebola Crisis.  Curtis and Andy have been raising money from the TV, film companies and Antiques shops to enable this important mission to go ahead. Unfortunately, they are £2000 short of the total they need and bearing in mind that they are due to fly out from the UK on 15th December, time is very short.

We at Hungerford Arcade are doing our bit to raise money, but anything you can give would be gratefully appreciated by everyone.

Anything you can give, big or small, you can transfer funds to the following account:

Lloyds TSB, 30 Market Hill, Sudbury Branch, Suffolk, CO10 2EL, England
Account number: 22809260
Sort code: 30-98-31
IBAN: GB96LOYD30983122809260

Curtis Dowling told Modern Ghana in an interview. "With the TV and film community coming together to support the struggle to suppress Ebola in West Africa the hosts of CNBC's/UKTV's Treasure Detectives are travelling to West Africa to raise awareness, get on all the radio and TV channels in the region and a mission to discuss with the President or Vice President of Ghana the distribution of an aid fund they have started to organise. Andy Smith and Curtis Dowling are prepared to put themselves into the lion’s mouth to get the world talking even more,”  He adds that the aim is to raise awareness of the plight of West Africa, medically and economically and to help by showing support in the long term against Ebola.

“Ghana is the perfect venue for a staging post to deliver help and aid to other parts of West Africa who are suffering more. The excellent infrastructure, the forward thinking and the excellent facilities. We believe our voice can be loud due to our position in the media. We can bring the situation to a wider audience and through our own experiences in west Africa report back in a 'none news way' how things are developing and what is being done. Our own project hopefully bringing in more help and more support in many ways to the regions most in need”

A word from Curtis:

Our impending trip to Liberia:

To distribute aid with contributions by a few US companies

To meet with the press (40 interviews planned) to highlight the country crisis after the ebola disease has been contained

To film good work projects by the CDC and Geneva Global in the hope our short films attract more investors

Can you support us? We are short £2000 and any kind of contribution would be fabulous.

So you know who we are, I have added the links below.

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