Sunday, 2 November 2014

Hungerford Arcade Military Vehicles and Cub Scouts

This morning started off cloudy, windy and raining, but we need not have worried.  All the military vehicles started to arrive at Hungerford Arcade at around 8.30 a.m.  It was a marvellous sight watching the convoy heading down the High Street towards the Arcade.  It was a military operation getting them all parked but they made it look so easy.  Last to arrive was the much waited for 1944 Morris C8 Field Artillary Tractor (named Batheba) pulling the Limber (which acts as the brakes for the gun carriage) and the gun carriage itself with a 25lb gun which has a firing range of 7 miles.  The combined weight without the Morris C8 is one and a half tons!  Next, a field kitchen was set up and sausages and bacon were frying in pans over petrol burners.  Everyone was ready for breakfast.

Next to arrive were the Hungerford Cubs with their leader, Steve Taylor.  By this time the rain had stopped and it brightened up. The Cubs, Joel Tankrid-Nesbitt, Billy Smeeton, Luke Morecroft, Bodie McMath, James Badem and Jonathan Kelly were fascinated by all the vehicles and enjoyed being part of this special day. They did us all proud and raised lots of money for the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.

A big, big thank you to Gary and June Crook for getting all the military vehicles together for another year of fundraising for the Poppy Appeal and a huge thank you to all the owners of these wonderful vehicles for all the money you raised today for the Royal British Legion.

A big, big thank you too to Cubs Leader Steve Taylor and his fantastic Cubs for the huge amount of money you raised today for the Poppy Appeal.  You were all amazing.

Read my next Blog and find out what celebrity came to Hungerford Arcade and joined in the Poppy Appeal.


Leader Steve Taylor with his wonderful Cubs

Princess Rose

Front Row left; Andy & Jo Butler, John Butcher, Theresa Soley
2nd Row: Andy Dawson, Jim Perry, Chris Freeman, Danni Sian, June & Gary Crook, Rita, George Ralph
Back Row: Barry Baxter & Edward Seymour (Morris C8 & Gun), Les Taylor,  Alex Rogers

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