Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Hungerford Arcade - A New Life For Max

Arcade co-owner, Adrian Gilmour
giving Victoria a well deserved hug
A lovely lady came to shop at Hungerford Arcade a few days ago and bought a lovely Labrador puppy plate.  Victoria Graham was such a happy person but sad when she told us about Max.  Victoria is with the charity, GSD Helpline. K9-RR (Rescue Raising) 'A New Life For Max' in conjunction with GSD Helpline, are raising funds for Max, a young German Shepherd who will be having a prosthetic limb fitted by world renowned Noel Fitzpatrick.

Max with vet, Noel Fitzpatrick of
the world renowned
Fitzpatrick Referrals, Eashing, Surrey
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When Victoria told us about German Shepherd Max, it was heart breaking.  So that you can get to know Max, here is a brief history of his very sad life: "Max is not a Romanian street dog. He was bought as a puppy by his owners but throughout his life, he was kept outside, chained up and his only shelter was a car in total disrepair.  Sadly, this car was in such a precarious state that it ended up falling and crushing part of one of his hind legs. To make matters worse, the chain to which he was tied was so short that Max did not have the space to move or even lift himself off  the ground. The consequences of this cruelty are sadly all too clear. Max's back is lowered towards the ground, his good hind leg has not developed and as such, has remained small. Owing to such awful living conditions and the resulting
 medical problems, Max has been living in mud and his own faeces. Even though Max has been through hell, nothing has changed his personality - he is very loving, playful and loyal. We want to help Max a much as possible, but the town where he lives does not have the facilities to provide the type of treatment that Max needs.  We know the UK can provide this because of its great international respect for treating disabled dogs."

Max's cause is a partnership with K9-RR and GSD Helpline doing wonderful work raising money for Max's new limb.
There is also, Animal Lifeline Fundraising - an auction site raising money each month for UK dog charities. Next month is R.A.G.S. (Rescue Aid German Shepherd) and Sadie's Auction Funds for dogs in the Bacau 
shelter in Romania, as well
as bringing vulnerable dogs
to the UK.

We all wish very Good Luck to Victoria and her colleagues and thank you all very much for caring for these wonderful, tragic dogs.


You can follow Max on facebook - A New Life for Max

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