Sunday, 27 July 2014


Why are pirates called pirates? Because they “Arr!!”  I discovered this today when these two very authentic looking buccaneers plundered the Arcade for pewter tankards and pirate treasure! 
Sam, Gale and Sammi
No, that’s not Jonny Depp! It’s Sam Morton and Sammi Wynn-Jones with Arcade assistant Gale Harman.  Sam and Sammi are pirate and medieval re-enactors, taking part in shows and fairs around the country.  Also an avid pewter tankard collector, Sam often comes into the Arcade looking to expand his collection. 
They are members of a re-enactment group based in Basingstoke called The Greyhounds of St Edmund and will be appearing at Loxwood Joust in Sussex on Saturday 1st August. 
Stallholder Christine Pym with Sam

Search for The Greyhounds of St Edmund on Facebook to learn more about what they do and when they are coming to pillage a town near you! 


  1. We have some great visitors at Hungerford Arcade and especially, some are inspired to wear wonderfully detailed costumes. Also we have many 'new' customers every week - people from all corners of the Globe who are discovering the Centre for the first time. They are amazed by the diversity of objects for sale from just a few pence up to serious collector's items at thousands of pounds.

  2. Congratulations Ms. Pym for this award!.
    I am very delighted to see these these fantastic pictures of you with all these nice persons.
    Also I am delighted to see your shop that seems to me a very magic place full of exquisite and nice surprises in this typical English street with these typical houses decored with the British Flag. It's really a nice place, I LOVE it!.
    My best wishes for all of you and geetings from Spain!.