Thursday, 24 July 2014

Oliver! at Hungerford Primary School

When teachers from Hungerford Primary School came into the Arcade looking for props for their summer production of “Oliver!” we were more than happy to oblige.  
The children of Year 6, who will be heading off to secondary school in September, had studied the Victorian era earlier in the year so they were very keen to use authentic objects wherever possible.
After returning from a summer trip to an activity centre, they only had 3 weeks to learn all their lines and nearly every song from the film/ musical on which their stage production was based.  By all accounts it was a roaring success and the audience was left, like Oliver, asking for more!
The picture below shows 3 stars of a cast of 56! Because there were so many children involved, the main parts were played by more than one person, with two Olivers played by Raiko and Scott, two Fagins played by Jasmin and Alfie, two Dodgers played by Ben and Beth and two Nancys played by Isabel and Holly!

Dodger (Beth), Fagin (Alfie) and Mr. Brownlow (Alfred)
posing with objects from The Arcade.

To all the Year 6s – Thank you for asking us to be involved in your production and good luck next year in your new school!

Alex Rogers

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