Saturday, 12 July 2014

Hungerford Arcade: Australian Over 60s Cricket Tour

Ron, Adrian and Jennifer
People come from all over the world to visit us at the Arcade and there is rarely a week that goes by without meeting someone new from Australia.
Ron Axelby and his wife Jennifer are here from Down Under for an over 60s cricketing tour.  Ron is part of a 16 man squad here to play 17 matches over the next 5 weeks, travelling all over the country as far north as Lancashire. 

A sporting legend in his own right (well, Jennifer is a big fan) Ron was skipper of the first Aussie over 60s cricket team to tour in the UK.  They toured here in 2011 and after playing a series of very closely contested matches, unfortunately missed out on the overall win to a very convincing England performance. 

It’s a laid back tour this time around, taking in the sights and giving the WAGs opportunity to spend plenty of time (and money) shopping for interesting antiques while the Aussie lads do their best to give our boys a good walloping!
The 2008 "Australian Eleven" from
Best of luck to all the teams involved and have a great trip home Ron, Jennifer and everyone else!     
Alex Rogers

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