Sunday, 27 July 2014


Why are pirates called pirates? Because they “Arr!!”  I discovered this today when these two very authentic looking buccaneers plundered the Arcade for pewter tankards and pirate treasure! 
Sam, Gale and Sammi
No, that’s not Jonny Depp! It’s Sam Morton and Sammi Wynn-Jones with Arcade assistant Gale Harman.  Sam and Sammi are pirate and medieval re-enactors, taking part in shows and fairs around the country.  Also an avid pewter tankard collector, Sam often comes into the Arcade looking to expand his collection. 
They are members of a re-enactment group based in Basingstoke called The Greyhounds of St Edmund and will be appearing at Loxwood Joust in Sussex on Saturday 1st August. 
Stallholder Christine Pym with Sam

Search for The Greyhounds of St Edmund on Facebook to learn more about what they do and when they are coming to pillage a town near you! 

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Hungerford Arcade: Hungerford Carnival Part 2

I hope you all enjoyed Part 1 of the Hungerford Carnival. Here we have Part 2 to further your enjoyment.

Doreen, Arcade co-owner
Adrian Gilmour and proud Dennis
with his Boater hat.
Dennis and Doreen Deane are a great couple.  Dennis has aways wanted a Boater hat but has never been able to find one that fitted him - until now. Dennis purchased his Boater hat at Hungerford Arcade and is thrilled to bits.  It fits him a treat and he looks so dandy.  Doreen is a pretty picture too. Don't know about you, Adrian.

Dennis and Doreen always visit the Arcade when they are in the area. Doreen said, "It is so interesting and there is such a good choice of items".

Dennis and Doreen with one of the
 beautiful street organs Dennis made himself

Taking part in the Hungerford Carnival, Doreen said, "We collect for the Macmillan Cancer Charity and Dennis made the Street Organs that we play."  They are beautiful.

Judy Neale and Ginny Dreyer from Lambourn Riding For The Disabled took part in the Carnival.  They told us, "Riding for the Disabled is a national organisation made up of member groups dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities through riding and/or carriage driving.  Its all about giving children and adults confidence and independence to benefit their health and wellbeing and to achieve their goals while having fun.  Horseriding offers and opportunity for enjoyment, challenges, friendship, laughter, achievement, independence and confidence.  Medical professionals also recognise there are significant therapeutic benefits for the rider".
Reg Charity No. 1145104


"Beat the crunch with Punch"
Pauline and Tony from Pauline's Puppets put on a great Punch and Judy Show which everyone enjoyed. 

You can find Pauline's Puppets at

Stunning Tuk Tuk

This beautiful Tuk Tuk was bought and rebuilt by its present owner.  He also did the stunning paint job himself.

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Oliver! at Hungerford Primary School

When teachers from Hungerford Primary School came into the Arcade looking for props for their summer production of “Oliver!” we were more than happy to oblige.  
The children of Year 6, who will be heading off to secondary school in September, had studied the Victorian era earlier in the year so they were very keen to use authentic objects wherever possible.
After returning from a summer trip to an activity centre, they only had 3 weeks to learn all their lines and nearly every song from the film/ musical on which their stage production was based.  By all accounts it was a roaring success and the audience was left, like Oliver, asking for more!
The picture below shows 3 stars of a cast of 56! Because there were so many children involved, the main parts were played by more than one person, with two Olivers played by Raiko and Scott, two Fagins played by Jasmin and Alfie, two Dodgers played by Ben and Beth and two Nancys played by Isabel and Holly!

Dodger (Beth), Fagin (Alfie) and Mr. Brownlow (Alfred)
posing with objects from The Arcade.

To all the Year 6s – Thank you for asking us to be involved in your production and good luck next year in your new school!

Alex Rogers

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Hungerford Arcade Vinyl Record Valuation Day

9.30 - 4.00

Hungerford Arcade stallholder, Adam Thompson (Unit 50), is holding his very popular Vinyl Record Valuation Day on Saturday, 26th July at the Arcade.  Do come along with your vinyl  records and have a chat to Adam.  He also buys vinyl, if you wish to sell. 

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Hungerford Arcade Vintage Guitar Valuation Day Postponed

10.15am - 4.30
Our sincere apologies

Fender Stratocaster 19593-Tone
SunburstVOX  AC-30 Amplifier
Join us for a day of vintage, rare guitars, music and valuations. Specialist, David J. Pym will be at Hungerford Arcade on Friday, 25th July with some of his vintage and rare guitars, treating everyone to a day of entertainment, playing great music for his very popular, Annual Guitar Valuation Day. David has the most sought after guitars, Gibson, Fender and some very, very rare guitars and many famous Rock 'n Rollers have purchased from him.  David loves to talk about guitars and would like nothing better than to have a chat with you.  Come along with or without your guitar and see and hear David play.  Also, visit his website below - it is fab!

David J Pym Vintage Guitars - - Mobile: 07808 321523Hungerford Arcade, 26 High Street, Hungerford, Berkshire. RG17 ONF. EnglandTel: 01488 683701 - - Also Newbury Showroom Tel: 01635 47525Email:     Website:

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Hungerford Arcade Roman Artefacts & Ancients Valuation Day


Specialist and stallholder, Mike Green (Unit 30B) will be at Hungerford Arcade on Saturday 19th July from 10am - 4.00pm holding a Roman artefacts and Ancients valuation day.  Do come along with your treasures and let Mike tell you the history behind them and what their value is.  Valuations are totally free, but if you would like to make a small donation to our sponsored charity, Walking With The Wounded, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Monday, 14 July 2014

Hungerford Arcade: Beautiful Connie

A very beautiful young lady, Connie, often comes shopping at Hungerford Arcade, wearing the most stunning outfits.  When she walked through the door today, we just had to ask for a photograph for our Blog, to which she happily agreed to.  The clothes Connie is wearing today are a Japanese design, inspired by the Victorian era.  Outfits of this style and era are what Connie loves to wear and are her daily wardrobe.  
Me with Connie
Adrian with Connie

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Hungerford Arcade: Hungerford Carnival-Part One

What great fun we had at Hungerford Arcade on Sunday, when the Hungerford Carnival came to town.  The weather was beautiful and the people turned up in their droves to watch and/or take part in Hungerford's bi-annual Carnival.  Of course, we were very busy and everyone, young and not so young, were very happy and excited.

The Hungerford Carnival was organised by Neale Marney MBE and his team of assistants. It was a great success.  Lots of money was raised by two young ladies, Becky Garland and Emily Grenfell for the Hungerford Garden Centre's, sponsored charity, Marie Curie Cancer Care.

The Parade was led 
by the Scots pipers who looked wonderful in their Highland dress.

Hungerford's adopted regiment, the 6th Battalion REME stationed at Tidworth, were really smart as they marched along.

On your Marks! Get set!.....
Drewitts Carriages were in the procession with their glamourous horses. (They supplied the wagons in the TV series, Mr. Selfridge). The 'Help For Heroes' Bikers from Wootton Bassett took part on their striking machines. The guy on the right insisted his machine could give them a run for                                                                   their money!

More to follow shortly - watch this space!

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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Hungerford Arcade: Australian Over 60s Cricket Tour

Ron, Adrian and Jennifer
People come from all over the world to visit us at the Arcade and there is rarely a week that goes by without meeting someone new from Australia.
Ron Axelby and his wife Jennifer are here from Down Under for an over 60s cricketing tour.  Ron is part of a 16 man squad here to play 17 matches over the next 5 weeks, travelling all over the country as far north as Lancashire. 

A sporting legend in his own right (well, Jennifer is a big fan) Ron was skipper of the first Aussie over 60s cricket team to tour in the UK.  They toured here in 2011 and after playing a series of very closely contested matches, unfortunately missed out on the overall win to a very convincing England performance. 

It’s a laid back tour this time around, taking in the sights and giving the WAGs opportunity to spend plenty of time (and money) shopping for interesting antiques while the Aussie lads do their best to give our boys a good walloping!
The 2008 "Australian Eleven" from
Best of luck to all the teams involved and have a great trip home Ron, Jennifer and everyone else!     
Alex Rogers

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Hungerford Arcade Selecta Quality Product

Another Selecta Quality Product

I’ve often wondered just what women keep in their handbags, but I certainly wasn’t expecting what Hazel (one Hungerford Arcade’s co-owners, in case you didn’t know) pulled out of hers to show me.The object in question is a thin white plastic disc, 9cm in diameter, with three bands of black lines that decrease in size running around its circumference, a hole in the middle (just like you find on a record) and the words ‘Another Selecta Quality Product’ in the middle.

As the Arcade’s resident vinyl expert, I was duly called upon to see if I could explain its purpose. With Hazel, Adrian (the Arcade’s other co-owner) and Rita all looking at me expectantly I was only too happy to oblige. You see the real clue is in the numbers (78, 45 & 33.3) that run down the middle of the disc, which just so happens to be the speed that vinyl and shellac records are meant to be played at.

The item in question is designed to check that your turntable is playing at the correct speed.

I suspect that it dates from the 1970s but a Google search failed to shed any further information. After testing on my own Ariston deck at home, the disc didn’t seem to work with a torch shining at the lines (if your turntable is playing at the right speed the lines will appear static, if it’s too fast or too slow the lines will appear to move backwards or forwards) so I can only guess that it was originally sold with a Stroboscope part. The writing on the disc makes me think it was sold as an after-market accessory rather than supplied with a turntable from new, but this is only my best guess.

I’d love to know more, so if anyone reading this has more information please get in touch at

Adam Thompson
Centurion Records – Unit 50 Hungerford Arcade

Hungerford Arcade: Hungerford Carnival, Sunday, 13th July

The managers and staff at Hungerford Arcade are looking forward very much to the Hungerford Carnival.  See you there!

Hungerford Carnival 2014 11a.m Stalls, Punch & Judy in the High Street, 12 til 4pm Live Jazz outside Hungerford Club in the Croft

3p.m.Carnival Procession starting from John O Gaunt School, along Priory Road, down through The High Street, Bridge Street, Charnham Street & ending at the Texaco garage. Any organisation who would like a stall, or anyone wanting to take part in the carnival procession ( no theme) please ring Neale Marney

Hungerford Carnival 13th July 11a.m. to – 5p.m. attractions in the town.
Our Town
FromJohn O'Gaunt School to Charnham Street
11:00am - 5:00pm

Neale Marney
Tel: 0771 2767547

Friday, 4 July 2014

Hungerford Arcade Union Jack

Sue Woodham came to Hungerford Arcade in search of a Union Jack.  Of course, we did not let her down.  Sue told me that she was going to stay with friends, Julie and Martin Laidlaw, on their boat in the South of France and wanted to take the Union Jack with her so that it could flutter in the breeze from the stern of the boat.  I hope they all had a great time.

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Hungerford Arcade Manager Retires

Bird and animal lover, Don
making friends with this gorgeous owl.
Hungerford Arcade Manager, Don Greenslade has retired after many years of service at the Arcade.  We had a wonderful party for him which was attended by his wife Jane, and their family and all the people who have known Don throughout his years at the Arcade.  I think Don was shell shocked but he thoroughly enjoyed it.  Although Don has retired as manager, he will be here working two or three days a week in the Arcade. Everyone at Hungerford Arcade wishes Don a very, very happy retirement.

Alex Rogers and myself are now the managers of Hungerford Arcade and look forward very much to seeing all our customers, new and old.

Here we have prankster Don, modelling
a pink hat which he has just found.
Matches his outfit wonderfully-
wouldn't you agree?

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