Sunday, 4 May 2014


9.15 AM - 4.00 PM 

All of us at Hungerford Arcade are proud to welcome back the West Berkshire Classic Vehicle Club.  This is a stunning event not to be missed.  You will see many wonderful cars of a bygone age which will take you on a fantastic journey down Memory Lane.  The owners of these cars are great people and will just love to talk to you about their classic gems.  They will even let you sit in their cars
 and have a good look at the engine and everything. This event is totally free so bring the whole family along and experience a wonderful day out.  I have posted a few pictures below to give you a taste of what is to come.

The classic cars will be parked in a grid immediately outside the Arcade and also in the staff car park at the rear of the building.  There is plenty of parking in Hungerford and it is free on Sunday's and Bank Holidays so come on in!

The Hungerford Farmers Market will also be here with lots of meat, produce, cheese, cakes and much more.

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