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Pete with me and some of his pewter
We have many artistic people who come to Hungerford Arcade looking for items they can use in their particular field of Art. We were very lucky to meet Pete Moncrieff-Jury.  Pete bought a lot of pewter items and I will let him tell you, in his own words, what he does.

I am a professional woodturner based in Wiltshire, a member of the Registry of Professional Turners, the Association of Wood Turners of Great Britain and the Calne Artists. I have also got a Certificate of Education qualifying me to teach.
I first learned to turn many years ago at school but didn't take it up again until eight years ago and fell in love with it all over again. For several years I turned purely as a hobby then I began selling a few pieces and so when I was made redundant in 2008 I began doing it as a semi professional. I have now graduated to the point where turning and turning related activities provide my sole source of income 
Wood turning is, in my opinion both a crafting skill and an art form and I endeavor to reflect this in my work. I often use unusual woods, where safe, to make items that are practical and useful and, where possible, work with the wood to allow its natural beauty to speak for itself.

Wherever possible I use woods that are either native to the UK or are grown and felled here. I have a number of different sources which range from a furniture factory to the hedgerows around us and so many of my pieces may be of woods that are not always commercially available.

I have recently begun incorporating other materials into my work and collaborating with a jeweller has opened up a number of potentially interesting avenues of work and creation. Watch this space.

Mahogany Platter with Pewter Boss
Burr Walnut Pear and Candlesticks

Pete has just sent me this stunning piece using some
of the pewter he bought from
Hungerford Arcade

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