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What a fabulous day we had when the 6th Battalion REME came to Hungerford.  The soldiers were so organised it was quite spell binding.  They came to town and set everything up just like they would a military operation. They bought their amazing vehicles, guns of all types, special clothing and more. It was brilliant and everyone was thrilled by it all.  The children all had treats and were truly mesmerised by everything going on around them.  Some even tried on the special protection vests, helmets and were shown how some of the guns worked.  All the soldiers were very friendly and enjoyed talking and answering questions.

The parade started from the War Memorial at 1.30 precisely, travelled along Priory Road and then down the High Street to the Town Hall where the salute was taken by General Sir Mike Jackson to the accompaniment of the Hungerford Town Band playing the Regimental March.  After the salute the soldiers turned into Church Street where the Library car park became a parade ground where the soldiers were joined by their wives and families. The soldiers looked every bit the British Army as they marched proudly through the High Street. The crowds came early and lined both sides of the road, cheering on the troops as they marched through the town. 

HUGE 34 Ton Support Vehicle Recovery
This is a much loved vehicle known affectionately
by her crew as "Rufty Tufty"
Sgt. Swatheridge lived in her for 28 day in Afghanistan!

Proud Charlie Ogilvy
8 years old on Monday 10.2.14

Captain Gemma Smith with
Hungerford Arcade co-owner
Adrian Gilmour

Stuart Durie of Armouries
All Army Weapons Systems

Rita and L/Cpl. Kenan Dervisoglu

L-R Stuart Durie, the Bellman of Hungerford
Rita and Cpt. Gemma Smith

The Crowds lined Hungerford High Street

The Crowds lining Hungerford High Street

The Crowds lining Hungerford High Street

6TH Battalion REME
marching to the Town Hall where
General Sir Mike Jackson will take the salute

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