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Another very interesting piece of food history 
at HungerfordArcade.  Hope you like it.
                      COW & GATE

In 1904 Dr. Killick Millard, medical officer of health for Leicester, asked the company to supply powdered milk to help feed children of poor families. In 1908, the resultant high-protein "Cow & Gate Pure English Dried Milk" was first marketed on a large scale. In 1924 the company developed a special export version for tropical climates, and from this time registered the secondary Dried Milk Products Company Ltd to commercially wholesale various dried milk products to commercial food manufacturers. Renaming the entire company Cow & Gate in 1929.
Rare Cow & Gate
"Baby's Money Box"

 During the 1930s, Cow & Gate worked with medical clinicians to scientifically develop specialised formulas to cater to infants with special needs, including:
  • Frailac: for premature infants

  • Allergiac: for babies sensitive to certain constituents of cow's milk

  • Cereal food designed to start babies on mixed feeding at an earlier age

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