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As many of our regular visitors will know, we at Hungerford Arcade quite often play host to a number of different television programmes. It’s always a pleasure to welcome in the contestants and presenters of shows such as Bargain Hunt and The Antiques Roadtrip.

If you are a fan of Bargain Hunt, you will know that the programme is made up of two teams, the Reds and the Blues, each team having to get the best deals possible to make a profit at auction. Obviously, we are usually informed well in advance of an upcoming visit from the team, so what a surprise when these two crimson clad bargain hunters came through the door!

Having taken part in an episode of the programme just weeks earlier, Ashleigh and George Tinson enjoyed their experience of the Arcade so much that they came back for more – this time without the horde of cameras and microphones behind them!  Deliberating carefully over this large copper tray, they were tight lipped about what may or may not have happened in the saleroom at Cirencester – the scene of the final showdown!  But, by all accounts they had a marvellous experience in Hungerford and the Arcade in particular! They highly recommend being a contestant on Bargain Hunt and say the possibility of a profit at the end of the day is nothing compared with the experience as a whole. If you would like to take part in the show and get hold of your very own Red or Blue Team jersey then just fill in the application form on the website:
Alex Rogers

Bargain Hunters: Ashleigh & George Tinson

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