Wednesday, 22 January 2014



What a fabulous day we are having at Hungerford Arcade. As I type, the BBC are downstairs filming Bargain Hunt.  The atmosphere is brilliant and the customers are enthralled at being behind the scenes and actually seeing for themselves the making of one of their favourite antiques programmes, Bargain Hunt.   Host, Tim Wannacott is his lovely debonair self.  We have antiques experts Kate Bateman and Nick Hall each giving help and advice to their own team in choosing which three items they should buy for the showdown at the auction.  Any money that is left over from the £300 each team is given is then handed over to the expert who, in turn, purchases an item which he/she feels will make a profit for their team.  The team that makes the most profit is declared the winner and they get to keep the profits from the sale of their items.  But, it could all hinge on the expert's item. If a team is doing badly and decide to go with the item, this could turn the tables and decide the winner.  On the other hand, if you are doing well, you could boost your profits by again, accepting your expert's item or, potentially lose all the profit made on your three items if it does badly.   That is the name of the game.  As with all auctions it depends who is there on the day!  

Bargain |Hunt Host
Tim Wonnacott

Nick Hall with his Blue Team

The BBC film crew

Junk Shop Stallholder, Louise Rogers
They spent a long time filming in here!

Going off to lunch now - see you later!

Kate Bateman with the Red Team
Sarah and Chris Owen

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