Friday, 25 October 2013


As you can imagine, we get many weird and wonderful things coming into the Arcade all the time. One particular item was an unusual round, tin bath.  Stallholder Sue Hughes and I thought we might have some fun with it and seeing our target, Hungerford Arcade co-owner, Adrian Gilmour heading our way (we had already decided that he would be our perfect victim) and luckily, he happened to be there at the right time (for us, but unfortunately, not for him!).  Poor Adrian, we grabbed him and shoved him into the bath and Sue held him down while I fetched the camera from behind the counter. Sue found a brush and started to scrub Adrian's back before moving onto his ears as I photographed the scene.  We had a great laugh until I told Adrian that I was going to Blog it for all the world to see.  To say he was horrified would be an understatement.  I wonder what he will say when he reads this and sees the pictures.  I will make sure that I'm not around to find out and Sue will be keeping a somewhat low profile!  Sorry Adrian.  Please don't sack me!!! 
Lovely old tin bath

Lovely Sue giving Adrian a back scrub!
Sue says "Stop fussing Adrian, the 6" pipe cleaner has got lost in your ear,
but hold on, I'll put the tweezers in there and see if I can pull it out!" 
Just so that you can see.... We did release Adrian eventually and unharmed - except for his pride of course!

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