Friday, 20 September 2013


What a fabulous fun day we had at the Arcade yesterday.  We had BBC Radio Berkshire broadcasting the Mike Reid show live from the Arcade.  Mike started the day off by visiting Rafters Cafe` at the top of the Arcade where he had a pre-broadcasting meeting over a cup of coffee and cake with his producer, lovely Jenny Day. Mike was a real star and great fun, as too was the show's producer Jenny Day.  During the course of the show Mike Reid had a radio quiz whereby people had to guess what a particular item was used for from the brilliant description given by manager, Alex Rogers.  There were five items in total spread out during the course of the show.  Many people who were in the Arcade joined in and there was a fabulous response from Facebook users.  You can see one of the items below which was used in the programme.  The items were supplied by Hungerford Arcade stallholder, Jane Elliman and Stewart Hofgartner from Below Stairs of Hungerford Antiques.  Stewart and his wife, Susan whom was made the Constable of Hungerford in April were both in the Arcade and were interviewed by Mike.   Arcade co-owner, Adrian Gilmour is being interviewed live by Mike Reid at the BBC studios in Reading this afternoon at 3.00 p.m (Friday).  If you would like to catch up with these programmes, go to BBC iPlayer where you can hear and feel all the fun we had.  We hope the BBC will come back soon and do another live show from the Arcade. 

Lovely BBC Producer, Jenny Day with Adrian

Mike Reid getting ready to interview the ladies on the left

Mike sampling the delicious homemade food brought in for him by Penny Locke of Penny Post and Fiona Hobson, owner of the Tutti Pole Cafe' by Hungerford Bridge.  Gearing up for the Hungerford Food Festival, 11.00 am to 3.30 pm Sunday 29th September

These ladies sure can cook!

Hungerford Town Constable, Susan Hofgartner from Below Stairs of Hungerford Antiques

BBC Engineer,  Nick Johnson (lovely man!)

Mike Reid about to sample the amazing freshly pressed apple juice produced and bottled by Richard Paget (on the right)

Wow! Fantastic apple juice Richard!

Mike Reid trying to guess what this item would be used for before passing the question over to the Radio's listeners and Arcade customers who were already queuing up to give their answers.

Go on then Alex - put me and the listeners out of  our misery!

Hang On - Arcade customer John and two listeners know what this is.  Go on John tell us!  "It is a Thatcher's tool.  You can see the indents in the holes from years of use where the thatch has been hammered down".  Well done John!

Stewart Hofgartner from Below Stairs of Hungerford Antiques being greeted by Mike Reid in Hungerford Arcade

Now, what the heck is that Alex?

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