Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Here we have the final part of our classic car event.  I do hope you have all enjoyed it thus far.  Ken and Doreen Pickford arrived in their March 1973 Morris Marina Suntor Camper Van with their beautiful Westie terrier. There were only 1,000 of these built and then converted from new by Torcar of Torrington and there is now only 100 that survive.  It is quite amazing what is inside the camper. It has a bed, cooker, sink even a toilet. Ken and Doreen have owned several camper vans over the years, Austin, Commer and previous Morris Marina and have travelled many, many miles in all of them and could not think of life without one. Last but not least we have a stunning 1980 Triumph TR7.  This one has the gold laurel leaf which was a special edition model.  The TR7 Drophead is a beautiful looking car and is very roomy inside for a sports car. The first TR7 was launched in 1975 in the USA and was only made as a hard top because the US were considering legislation banning all convertible cars. The car was launched in the UK  a year later in 1976. The ban in the USA did not happen and in 1979 the first TR7 convertible was rolled out.  It was a huge success both here and in the USA - it sold faster than the TR6 ever had and that was a gorgeous car.

1973 Morris Marina Suntor Camper
Only 100 of these survive.

You can stand up and move around quite freely.

Proud owners, Ken & Doreen Pickford
Restored and painted by Ken himself.

Beautiful little Westie.  She is wearing a silk scarf  because Doreen forgot to bring her lead!

Stunning 1980 Triumph TR7 (Laurel Leaf Edition)

Stunning 1980 Triumph TR7
A super looking sports car

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