Monday, 9 September 2013


Well, what an amazing day we have had today at Hungerford Arcade.  Not only did we have the BBC visit us, we also had the lovely Amy Wildgoose from Stage Management, The Watermill Theatre visit us to buy props for the latest production at the Watermill Theatre of Sherlock's Last Case which opens on Thursday, 26th September 2013 to Saturday, 2nd November 2013.

The existence of a mill at Bagnor set in the beautiful Berkshire countryside is recorded in the Domesday Book and the building has served as a corn mill and a paper mill for hundreds of years with its beautiful tithe barn alongside.  It was converted into a theatre in the early 1960's and the first short professional season opened in 1967.  In recent years, the Watermill has progressed into the top league of regional theatres with many shows produced there transferring to London or touring throughout the UK or overseas.
The Beautiful Watermill Theatre
Bagnor, Newbury, West Berkshire

Sherlock’s Last Case

By Charles Marowitz 

A death threat delivered to 221B Baker Street scarcely ruffles the feathers of the legendary Sherlock Holmes - the bearer of the message is the daughter of his arch enemy, the late professor Moriarty. A second threat, and the discovery of his faithful side-kick, Dr Watson, tied up in a closet, does little to shake the great detective’s nonchalance in the face of impending death. However, now, he’s intrigued. 

Employing his powers of deduction and the assurance that he’s always right, Holmes and Watson embark on a bizarre and fascinating case that eventually brings Holmes face-to-face with his avenger. Is this the end of the most famous detective in the world? The answer, my dear Watson, is elementary. True to the spirit of Conan-Doyle’s original Sherlock novels, this black comedy has all the suspense and intrigue of a great detective story whilst poking gentle fun at the super sleuth’s eccentric personality.

Sherlock Holmes

Amy and Adrian with Sherlock's famous Meerschaum pipe

Adrian giving Amy a helping hand
with her props.

Amy said these will be perfect when they have been polished!

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