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Roast Lamb In the Olive Groves: A Mediterranean Cookbook

Written by Belinda Harley

  •  April 8, 2014

We had a very special visitor to Hungerford Arcade, author, Belinda Harley.   

Belinda really intrigued us when she said that she is a former personal secretary to HRH Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace.  In addition to which, she has become the award winning author of a number of best selling books.  One such book is entitled MAD ABOUT THE DOG a true story which is brilliantly written and really tugs at the heart strings!

Belinda has a great love for the Mediterranean island of Paxos, where she escapes to each year to enjoy the delicious food and a much slower pace of life.  Paxos is a gateway in the Mediterranean where by a happy accident of history and geography, Greek and Italian cuisines meet.  This was all the inspiration Belinda needed to write her wonderful cookbook,  "Lamb in the Olive Groves".  The book is published by Hardie Grant and includes UK home recipes and will be available from 8th April 2014.

Island of Paxos, Greece

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