Monday, 19 August 2013


A regular customer and friend of the Arcade, Sarah, showed up in her own piece of automotive history!  This beautiful example of the very first £100 car is her pride and joy!  The 1931 Morris Sports Tourer features a blisteringly fast top speed of 40mph, which in the car’s heyday could have been enjoyed anywhere in the country, as all speed limits had been abolished the year before as “the existing speed limit was so universally disobeyed that its maintenance brought the law into contempt”.  The pedals might confuse a contemporary driver, as the accelerator is in the middle and the brake is on the right.  There are only three forward gears plus reverse.  The engine runs on a petrol mix, which Sarah said she still hasn’t got the hang of yet!  But on sunny days like the ones we’ve been having recently, there is nothing more enjoyable than taking the roof down and speeding through the countryside towards Hungerford Arcade!
Alex Rogers

Beautiful! 1931 Morris Sports Tourer
The First £100 Car!

Adrian and Sarah with the little Morris beauty!

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  1. Hi, Hungerford Arcade, it was lovely to see your blog about Sarah's Car appear on Google+.
    The Google+ site is an absolute treasure trove of wonderful Art and pictures of Beautiful places, together with Antiques, Fashion, Interior Design and Gastronomi. Hope to see more of you there!
    Regards, Chris Pym