Tuesday, 13 August 2013



Here's a little story about one of our stallholders which I thought you might like. Chris (Moustache) Redford is a handsome young man with the most amazing moustache. Chris's moustache draws a lot of attention from the customers when he comes into the Arcade as he looks just like a young version of some old 'top brass' military chap! 

Chris had an amazing handlebar moustache which his girlfriend kept nagging him to get rid of!  Well, he wasn't going to get rid of it lightly since he was quite attached to it! After all, it had taken him three years to grow! So Chris decided that he would have it shaved off for charity.  Brad's Cancer Foundation.  

 Chris said, "The chop was done on stage at the 'Big Bang' VW festival at Santa Pod near Wellingborough in front of thousands of people.  I raised £550 for the charity. I'm now growing it back against my girlfriend's wishes"!  Well done Chris....what a hero!

Chris (Moustache) Redford's amazing moustache

Poor Chris - He can't bear to watch as his beloved moustache is about to hit the floor!

Ahhhh...Chris' face says it all!

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