Thursday, 15 August 2013


Six very brave, handsome young men stopped off at Hungerford Arcade on their 600 mile cycle ride from England to Ireland.  They started off from Southend-on-Sea and will finish the six day trip in Galway!  These are no ordinary cyclists......these are near naked cyclists!!!  The reason for this marathon cycle ride is to raise awareness of male cancer.  

The Male Cancer Awareness Campaign is a young and innovative charity committed to raising awareness of Male Cancers through their champions - Mr. Testicles, James Bum 002 and Near Naked Man. Their aim is to educate men and their partners the importance of early detection and hope to build a culture where embarrassment does not prevent them from addressing problems with intimate parts of their bodies.

These gentlemen are great fun and if you see them on their long, long journey, toot your horn, give them a wave and a cheer, show your support because by golly, they deserve it!

IF you are easily shocked, look away now as the photos are about to come up!

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