Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Christine Pym, co-founder and Executive Director of David J Pym Antiques, together with husband David, established the acclaimed family business from a hobby and have been trading solely at Hungerford Arcade for over twenty years.  Christine also owns and operates a separate jewellery business at the Arcade and has wide experience and knowledge of the trade which prompted her to write a book.

The book called 'A Beginner's Guide to Becoming an Antiques Dealer', provides tips, pointers and background information for anyone interested in the Antiques World.  The unique full colour paperback, is fast achieving Worldwide recognition with lots of interest from would be entrepreneurs.  The book is self-published through Blurb and can be purchased online from the Pym's business website,, Hungerford Arcade or Hungerford Bookshop.  It is also available from iTunes, Bookstore and Blurb Bookstore as an Ebook.

Don't miss out on this brilliant book!

Lovely Christine Pym with her new book
'A Beginner's Guide to becoming an Antiques Dealer'

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  1. Thank you +Hungerford Arcade for your blogspot. We hope to meet lots of new people in the future.
    The NEW BOOK has already proved very popular and has a Worldwide following on Google+ and Facebook.

    It is a MUST for anyone interested generally in the Antiques World, as an outside party, a collector, hobbyist or dealer. Also too, those proprieters already in the industry as a promotional aid.
    The book has over 140 separate high resolution quality pictures of fine and rare antiques, possibly hitherto unseen in other places. Rare and Vintage Guitars are also featured.

    Visit eBay, Antiques, Art Nouveau to place your bid or Buy It Now!