Friday, 5 July 2013


We had a great day here at the Arcade on Armed Forces Day. Many people commented on our military display and children were fascinated by it, asking lots of questions and taking a great deal of interest in the event and what it means to us all.  Stallholder Dennis Benneyworth brought his two children along Barney and Elsie.  They were very excited by all the military objects and had great fun with them.  As you will see from the photograph, they were very taken with the metal signs.  We would love to have had a military band but unfortunately, they were all busy elsewhere!  We are very proud to be part of this very special day and feel it is very important to support our Armed Forces every day for the wonderful work they do for all of us, Queen and country. 

Elsie and Barney Benneyworth
with ~Arcade owner
~Adrian Gilmour

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