Friday, 26 July 2013


What an exciting visitor we had at Hungerford Arcade.  His name? Terry English.  Terry surprised us all by saying that he is an Armourer and makes arms and armour for films!  A huge "WOW" rang out with "Tell us more, tell us more!"

Well, Terry started working for L.H. Nathams Theatrical Costumers in London's West End as a Theatrical Metal Worker making mainly swords, crowns, shields, neck chains and other regalia, in fact, anything in metal.  Through repairing their old Victorian armours, Terry learned the art of making armour. He then began renovating original armours for the Tower and various other collections and soon learnt how original armours worked and moved.  Through this experience, Terry learnt how to make custom,made-to-measure, bespoke armours.

Terry is an accomplished designer-artist and some of the first films he worked on were 'Farhrenheit 451', 'The Lion in Winter', 'Dr. Zhivago', 'Charge of the Light Brigade' etc. He went on and created the 106 armours used in John Boorman's film 'Excalibur' and has made numerous suits of armour for Sean Connery, Helen Mirren, Richard Gere. Liam Neeson, Alexander McQueen, Arnold Schwarzenegger and many, many more renowned stars.

Terry also created the futuristic and sci-fi armour for 'Aliens' 2 and 3, 'Mr. Freeze', 'Batman and Robin', 'Clash of the Titans', 'Gladiator', etc. etc. etc. and recently 'Thor 2'!

Having worked on well over 100 major productions for film, TV and Theatre, Terry and his team continue to apply his skills to the entertainment industry from Cornwall, England.

Terry English, acknowledged as the finest armourer in the World!

Me on the left, Terry English with Artist & Singer Songwriter, Julie Carter

Some of Terry's magnificent Armour

Terry Hard at Work

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