Friday, 28 June 2013


it was a colourful day outside the Arcade with the French Tricolour flying alongside the Union flag in anticipation of our impending visitors from France.  All of us at Hungerford Arcade were very proud and excited to welcome a party of French School Children and their teachers from Le College Maurice Genevoix in the city of Liqueil.  The trip was organised by one of the teachers, Dany Bosek in order to let the children meet the people and explore the town of Hungerford in England which is twinned with their city, Liqueil in France.   

There were fifty school children and four teachers in all and much to their surprise and delight, upon arrival at the Arcade, managers, Alex Rogers and Don Greenslade presented each child with a pouch containing a very old English coin and a leaflet which told them what that coin was and what it would be worth in today's money!  They were absolutely thrilled!  

The children then went off with their teachers to explore the Arcade and its many nooks and crannies, marvelling at the many curios that make Hungerford Arcade the special and fascinating place that it is!

The children from Liqueil had a fabulous time and I think the teachers enjoyed it as much as the children!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the children and the teachers of Le College Maurice Genevoix and to teacher, Dany Bosek organising the visit and making our day special.  Thank you. 

French School Children presented with pouches of old English coins
by Managers Alex Rogers and Don Greenslade

Arcade Manager, Alex Rogers presenting
old English coins to French School Children

School Children and Teachers
Le College Maurice Genevoix in the city of Liqueil, France

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  1. How lovely! I live in France, and would have loved my kids to have visited Hungerford on their trip to England!