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This is the second and last part of the remarkable dolls house which took Leonard Martin 26 years to build.  I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have.

The Sitting Room

The door to the left of the staircase leads into the sitting room. Each floor board has been individually laid, stained and French polished. All six windows have working shutters, they are dressed with curtains and pelmets.
An elegant chandelier hangs from the centre of the ornate ceiling with its blue, white and silver painted mouldings highlighted with gold leaf. Around the frieze there are 32 plaster, gold leafed swags and tails. 

The Sitting Room

The fire place features a fire basket that lights up and a pair of gilt swans.
The display cabinet contains antique ivory elephants, a marble bust, a carved monkey and two modern boxes. A door to the left of the fireplace leads to the kitchen.

The Red Bedroom

This red and gold room has individually laid polished floor boards, six windows with curtains, pelmets and working shutters. The ceiling is quite spectacular with 25 hand made plaster mouldings which have been gold leafed. In the centre hangs a six branched chandelier. The frieze around the top of the walls which has been decorated in the same rich red and sumptuous gold as the ceiling includes 30 more hand made plaster mouldings.
The impressive fireplace is made of wood with a marble effect finish. There are plaster columns on either side and even the fire basket lights up. The feature wall has been deco-rated with a red flock wallpaper.

The Red Bedroom
Sitting on the mantle shelf over the fire place is the figure of a bird in solid silver, a brass dog and a pair of brass candlesticks. On the wall above the shelf is an ornate silver metal framed mirror and to the right of the fireplace is a cherub figure on top of a silver plated column.
To the left of the fireplace, at the back of the room, is a door which leads to the en-suite bathroom.
The Red Bedroom

Sitting on the gilt commode is a bronze figure of a boy holding a bird.
Hanging on the front wall is a miniature oil painting copy of the Mona Lisa.


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