Monday, 22 April 2013


Frances is on the left with her lovely red bag
What a wonderful, fascinating day our two jewellery valuers had at the Arcade on Saturday, 20th April.

Among the many items of jewellery Frances Jones valued, there was a beautiful sapphire and diamond ring which, when the lady brought it in, said she had no idea at all what its value was, but did not think it would be too much.  Frances examined the ring carefully and then told the lady how much it was worth!  The lady was so surprised, she had to sit down!  

Adrian Jefferies also had an interesting day!  A lady brought in a stunning ring which she said was an heirloom.  The ring had a large cultured pearl, surrounded by diamonds which were .1ct each.  There were 15 or 16 of these diamonds, mounted in a circle around the Pearl.  On the shoulders of this 18ct gold ring were square cut sapphires (unfortunately, two were missing).  In all, this was a gorgeous ring and Adrian valued it at £750.  Unfortunately, we were not able to take photographs this ring, but there are photographs of Adrian and Frances taken during the valuations.

Adrian getting down to business!

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came along to the valuation on such a beautiful sunny, warm day and helped to raise money for our sponsored charity, Walking With the Wounded.  Thank you!

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