Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Barnaby's Antique, French Fairground Organ will be outside Hungerford Arcade on Sunday, 28th April and will be raising money for our sponsored charity, Walking With the Wounded. The Thames Valley Farmers Market will be outside the Arcade with Barnaby and his fairground organ which you can see on their poster! The Farmers Market sell beautiful, fresh meat and produce and also cakes! It will be a wonderful day so, do please come along and have a fabulous family day out!  

Here is a little history about the French Fairground Organ and its owner, Barnaby together with a photograph!  Hope you enjoy it.

Fairground Organ

The organ was built in Paris in 1905 and has passed through a few hands during its lifetime. Its last major outing was at the Queen’s Silver Jubilee street party in Hungerford in 1977. After this it was sent to London for a complete overhaul, which took 2 years. At that time it was owned by Ron Coventry of Wash Water near Newbury. After Ron’s death in 1989 it was purchased by Peter Wyatt, the uncle of the present owner Barnaby Newton, and was passed on to Barnaby on his uncle’s death.

After another overhaul and the purchase of numerous books of music and a large van to transport the organ, it was taken by Barnaby to the Knowle Hill steam rally near Maidenhead. The organ has now travelled to many events across the south of England.  The organ made another appearance outside Hungerford Arcade for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee along with two of Barnaby’s steam engines.  Fabulous!

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