Sunday, 24 March 2013


We had another wonderful weekend at Hungerford Arcade!  As I have said many times before, we have so many very interesting customers visiting the Arcade that I can't resist talking to them and taking their pictures.  With their kind permission, of course!   Not all are two legged humans, some, who are just as important, have four legs!

Let me introduce you to Rosie!  Rosie is a fabulous, black Newfoundland with a very shy owner!  Dear Rosie caused heck of a stir when she arrived at the Arcade, larger than life and looking gorgeous.  People couldn't believe their eyes and all the ooooooohs and ahaaaaaaaaas rang out in a blocked corridor as people jostled to  make a fuss of her.  Arcade owner, Adrian Gilmour made a bee-line for her and no-one else got a look-in after that.  It was 'love at first sight!'  When you see the photographs, you will understand why.  Rosie was quite unfazed by it all and just revelled in the attention!  Gorgeous!!!

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  1. What a gorgeous dog she is. Great idea to take snaps of all the interesting things going on at The Arcade. Must come visit again very soon for a bargain and a nice breakfast at Raffles Cafe.
    Minerva ~