Monday, 4 March 2013


Diccon Dadey is a self-taught artist working with sheet steel to produce sculptures, ornaments and functional items for interior and garden display.  His work sometimes incorporates recycled materials such as wood, glass and metal itself. Diccon's  range of sculptures is diverse from animals to abstract ornaments but usually replicates real life from birds to fish, sheep, horses etc. Much of his work is commissioned.  Diccon says there is very little that can't be made with metal and a bit of imagination.

Below is a picture of the stunning Three Flying Swans sculpture that Diccon has just designed and made as a commission for a new housing development just outside Oxford – Cholsey.

Also below is a picture of an Owl which Diccon has borrowed from a stallholder at Hungerford Arcade so that  he can do a sculpture from it.

Diccon's hot forge day at Hungerford Arcade is on the 24th March. The people love watching him make things and he even lets them have a go at making something!  It is amazing to watch.  Just like in the old days of the "smithy"!.


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