Friday, 1 March 2013


A very rare and unusual event took place at Hungerford Arcade courtesy of  Barclays Bank!  The Bank have a scheme called 'Back to Business' which involves their bank's business managers arranging to go to a business for a day or half a day, rolling up their sleeves and getting involved at 'grass roots' level in the day-to-day running of that business.  This gives them an insight into how a business is run, what problems they face, how they are resolved and also what makes a business successful. It is hoped that this hands-on approach to business banking will give the bank a better understanding of businesses and how best to meet their needs!

We were very pleased to welcome Barclays Bank Business Manager,  Phil Hobbs, into the fold as a member of staff and threw him in at the deep end, behind the counter!  After a short briefing, he settled in immediately, was very relaxed and jovial and got on well with everyone.  He built up a wonderful rapport with the customers in no time which they thoroughly enjoyed.  Phil chatted with them about the items they were purchasing and some, being real characters, were quite bemused at being served by Phil, a bank manager!  

Unfortunately, the one thing Phil wasn't asked to do and that was to be the "tea boy"!  So, his tea making skills have to be..... "no comment"!

Phil took it all in his stride.  He understood and managed the computerised till system which would normally need extensive staff training and did exceptionally well. His 'people' skills are first rate! 

Phil was totally unflappable and the customers loved him.  It was a pleasure working with Phil and he has an open invitation to return whenever Barclays can spare him!
Left: me (Rita), Phil & Liz Browne
Left: me (Rita), Phil & Liz Browne

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