Thursday, 14 February 2013


What a wonderful two days we had at the Arcade on Monday and  Tuesday (11th and 12th February) with the BBC's Bargain Hunt  hosted by the wonderful, Tim Wannacot.  The customers were enthralled watching the programme they love being filmed!  Some were camera shy and stayed out of shot, which was quite funny, while others just ambled along with one eye on the camera.

There were two separate film crews.  One filming the two Red Teams and the other the Blue Teams.  They were filming two shows over the two days.  The camera men, Mike Caine for the Blues and Giles Edwards for the Reds were very patient and kind as were the lovely directors and runners.  

 Each team had their own antiques expert.  James Braxton for the Blues and Colin Young for the Reds.  They were wonderful and such good fun!  Each team gets just sixty minutes to choose their three items and not a second longer.  The directors are very strict and time it all on a stop-watch!  If any team runs out of time, they have to go to auction with what they did manage to buy.  This would greatly minimise their chances of winning!  Thankfully, the director keeps them on their toes!

I have a few photos to show you, but I am hoping to get a much better mix for you shortly!

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