Sunday, 10 February 2013


Tomorrow and Tuesday, the BBC will be filming Bargain Hunt at Hungerford Arcade hosted by Tim Wonacott.  Tim will give three hundred pounds to each team (there are two teams of two people, the Red team and the Blue team).  Each team has an antiques expert to guide and advise them, although they make the final decision themselves on what to buy.  Any money left over is given to the expert to buy something of his/her choice.  Each team can purchase three items only, to take to auction.  After their lots have been sold, each team is given the option to go with the expert's buy when it is auctioned.   This can sometimes decide who wins and who loses as the team which makes the most profit is the winner!  The prize is the profit they make at auction, if any!  No profit - no prize!
Good luck to the teams!

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