Saturday, 19 January 2013


Homes & Antiques magazine has published an article on what it has meant to Hungerford Arcade to win the Best Antiques Centre in the UK Award from the Homes & Antiques and National Antiques Week Awards. It has made a tremendous difference to us and gave us an incentive to do improvement works on the Arcade, as being a 16th century building, the work is continuous!  We are very proud when customers comment on seeing us on television and winning the award or reading about us in the press.  We have customers from across the world who come back to us time and time again!    Many of our customers are signed up to our free newsletter which is sent out by e-mail every month! (You can e-mail us at or if you wish to sign-up for it). They also support us on Facebook, Blog and Tweet!  The Award has helped Hungerford Arcade to flourish in these difficult times which must be good for all the other shops in the town too. A new competition is taking place now to find the best antiques shop, best antiques centre and best vintage shop in the UK.  I believe our very own Stuart Hofgartner from Below Stairs and Great Grooms have been shortlisted. We heartily wish similar success to them and to all the Awards entrants in the 2013 competition. Rita

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