Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Hungerford Arcade invited Terry Cooke of Hedgerow Honey Farm and Fiona Robinson of Fee's Bees to put on a wonderful display at the Hungerford Food Festival on Sunday.  They setup their stall outside the Arcade and pretty soon had the crowds buzzing!!  They brought along a queen and nuclei in a glass hive and lots of delicious honey, on the comb as well as in jars.  They had beeswax on the table so people could make their own candles, pieces of old honeycomb, bees nests as well as wasp nests.  Terry gave a wonderful talk on the lifecycle of the bee and the process of honey making from the bee to the jar!  Terry and fee do special events for children, visiting schools, the Womens' Institute, the Scouts, cubs and more.  They cover a radius of Berkshire and Wiltshire. They also do large and small scale pollination. Terry and Fee sold lots of honey and people were asking where it can be bought locally but unfortunately, at the moment, they do not have any retailers locally, but are very keen to find an outlet!  Terry and Fiona can be contacted at:
Terry Cooke
Hedgerow Honey Farm  (No address available.  Can be contacted through Fee)
Tel: 07779 945326
Fiona Robinson
Fee's Bees
118 London Road
Wiltshire  SN11 OAH
Tel: 07966 362850

Fax: 08700527937

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